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Distinctions Between an ATM and a Personal Teller Device

Personal Teller Machines provide practically every deal option available at the teller line. ATMs offer the capability making a withdrawal or deposit. Personal Teller Machines provide versatility in money withdrawal denominations - pick from 5 various denominations. ATMs enable single denomination only. Personal Teller Machines enable a customer to request and print an official check, unheard of making use of an ATM.

Personal Teller Machines are easy to place, occupying a single square foot of retail space. ATMs are big and generally need some building to implement.
Self-service kiosks might not change ATMs, however they do represent a new way to touch the consumer, improve customer complete satisfaction, boost up-sell and cross-sell and gain huge operational improvements in the branch.

ATM's Have Pretty Much Been the Same Since 1967

Ground-breaking in its introduction of "convenience" to the banking consumer state of mind, the first ATM was set up in 1967 by Barclay's Bank in London. Ever since, the positioning and technology applications have actually remained mostly the same. As users we have actually become "trained" on where to find and ways to use an ATM - mainly outside the bank branch and to make a withdrawal or deposit. That has been the extent of our self-service experience where banking is worried for more than 40 years.

Get in "The iPhone Effect".

Since cell phones have pervaded our lives, customers have actually become increasingly demanding of technology that is cool, basic and connected. They want to use this innovation to do increasingly more of their day-to-day tasks, and banking is no exception. So the significant banks have actually focused remarkable resources on establishing electronic banking to fulfill the requirements of these clients while their retail locations - the brick-and-mortar bank branch - has actually remained largely the same.

Consumers still desire that human interaction. The Great Recession has actually compelled the banks to find ways to lower costs AND offer a better retail experience to their clients.

Enter the " ultimate merchant providers " idea: a way to execute modern innovation and branch design to maximize both the staff and a smaller space. Self-service kiosks are an important part of the concept, allowing clients to manage their own transactions with the comfort of a quickly accessible staff member nearby to step in and assist if needed.

Not Your Father's ATM.

Personal Teller Machines serve as an extension of the teller line because they are integrated with a bank's core system, preventing the ATM rails and associated costs. While ATMs enable a few standard, particular transactions, Personal Teller Machines empower consumers to finish 80 - 90 % of the deals generally managed by a teller in a portion of the time.


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